• To Honor Women Veterans

    By acknowledging and commending the exceptional efforts of women veterans, we have the power to transform their recognition into something truly meaningful.

  • To Embrace Valor

    The Haute Honor brand aims to embody a community of empowered women who embrace their service and mutually uplift one another.

  • To Find Feminine Apparel for Women Veterans

    Our founder embarked on this business venture to provide feminine products for the women veteran community when she couldn't find products that matched her personal style.

About Us

Welcome to Haute Honor—where fashion meets empowerment and style tells a story.

At Haute Honor, we believe in the power of self-expression and the courage that comes with donning a piece of your identity. Our mission is to empower and celebrate women veterans, creating a community of strength, style, and solidarity.

Founded on the principles of honoring service and embracing individuality, we emerged as a tribute to the countless women who've served with unwavering dedication.

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  • Allexus S.

    "When I received my sweatshirt, I was so surprised with how soft it was! Not only is it adorable and perfect for errands, but it sends a clear message to women veterans everywhere that we honor them too.

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  • Katie A.

    "I absolutely love the sweatshirt I ordered and everything that Haute Honor stands for!The material is so soft and comfortable. I am not a veteran but I love that I am able to show my support to all women veterans!"

  • Sarah F.

    "Their T-shirts are the absolute cutest and so soft! I love that they have designs for non-veterans too. I also love that I get to proudly show my support for all my veteran family and friends!"